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First off, welcome to our website 🙂

Atlantic Games has been striving to provide a safe, fun environment for gamers of all ages to meet new people and play their favourite games in store. Since I first opened the shop we’ve hosted games of everything from Magic The Gathering, to Warhammer, Dungeons & Dragons Roleplay and even the classics like Chess.

Gaming provides an outlet for us all to be creative and have some fun but also helps us learn new skills. It can also be used to provide important lessons in team working, social interaction and assist in building confidence and self-esteem through the face-to-face interactions that many games require to be played. Everyone is treated as an equal in-store which has helped us grow an amazing community of people that are all passionate about the games they play and fortunately for me, the shop itself.

One section of our community is our Magic The Gathering players. MTG and the local players that play in our shop has provided a cornerstone in which our business has been built on with Magic events happening each and every week in our shop. We’ve got a fantastic community of Magic The Gathering players that have experience in a range of formats and have a great deal of knowledge about the cards and sets that are used to play the game.

As part of our new website I’ve asked a few of our players to share their knowledge on all things MTG. We’ll be publishing articles each week about a range of topics from format advice, deck building and tournament play.

I hope you’ll find the content from our community useful and as ever we’d love to hear your feedback on any of the articles we add to our website. After all, without you and your thoughts, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Let the games begin!

Sebastian Parkinson – Owner, Atlantic Games



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