Set Review

  After the Prerelease, my daughter Ruth was getting very much into the theme of Kaladesh, so much so that she wanted her own deck. Luckily, Wizards of the Coast had already offered me a lovely pair of Planeswalker decks to try out and review for you. After a quick email […]

Product Review: Kaladesh Planeswalker decks

  A few weeks ago Mark Rosewater announced the awesome new addition to Kaladesh that is the Kaladesh Masterpiece Series, Kaladesh Inventions. The Kaladesh Masterpieces are a set of 30 cards being printed to go in boosters of Kaladesh in a similar fashion to the Zendikar Expeditions. They will be at […]

Card Review: The Kaladesh Masterpieces

  Conspiracy: Take the Crown is the follow-up set to Conspiracy. Set on the plane of Fiora, the popular, draft-altering set was released back in 2014. I thoroughly enjoyed playing and drafting Conspiracy the first time around and after looking at the new set, it seems like I’m going to […]

Conspiracy: Take the Crown- A Set Review