Deck of the Week

Saturday July the 15th saw us host another PPTQ, as participants battled it out to win a spot at the upcoming RPTQ. We had a great turnout, and were nearly sold out as we were very tight on space! Despite this, Ioannis Kyriazis managed to get into the Top 8 […]

Deck of the Week: Ioannis Kyriazis PPTQ Winning Draft Deck

Its nearly time! The Hour is nearly upon us. Or for some of us it was at the weekend as we took part in the prereleases for Hour of Devastation. Doing his usual prerelease thing of opening all of the busted cards was Chris Aston, who managed to ope his […]

Deck of the Week: The Hour is Nigh

Last Wednesday saw Atlantic Games run its first ever Two-Headed Giant draft event. We decided to draft three Aether Revolt and three Kaladesh boosters, alternating which set’s booster was opened in our pairs. Each of the four pairs sat around the table together and selected two cards from each pack […]

Deck of the Week: Two Heads Are Better Than One

Last Saturday saw the penultimate of our Standard Showdown events, with people battling with the best Standard decks they can muster to do battle to try and win the amazing Standard Showdown mini-boosters. Our winner this week was Andrew Pattenden, with an interesting take on Black Red Aggro. I love […]

Deck of the Week: Black Red Aggro

Today’s deck is the one I drafted at FNM last week and took to a 4-0 finish. The games were all very similar, I managed to ramp into big things while trying not to take too much damage then letting my big bombs do the work once they get down. […]

Deck of the Week: Reading Signals in Draft

On the 20th and 21st of May we held our Amonkhet Game Days, a pair of tournaments one on each day in using Standard decks . Entry is always nice and cheap, to encourage as many players as possible to come along and explore the format with crazy new decks […]

Deck of the Week: Amonkhet Game Day Worthy Champion

  On Sunday 16th October we ran our first ever Legacy event. We had eight people show up, with decks ranging from Miracles to Storm, and Mono-Blue Tempo to Dwarfbelcher. Finishing an impressive 3-0 was Chris Hartnell with this Miracles list:   CREATURES 3 Snapcaster Mage 2 Monastery Mentor   […]

Deck of the Week: It’s a Miracle!

  This week’s deck of the week is another Atlantic Games FNM winner, from Jake DanielsĀ and is a nice take on Blue White Spirits. He piloted this deck to a 3-0 finish, beating Black Green Delirium, Black Blue Green Emerge and Black Blue White Spirits along the way, apparently this […]

Deck of the Week: That’s the Spirit!

<img class="size-full wp-image-2227 aligncenter" src="" alt="heaven_chris" width="675" height="372" srcset="http://atlanticgames acheter viagra en france pas 675w,×83.jpg 150w,×165.jpg 300w” sizes=”(max-width: 675px) 100vw, 675px” />   This week’s Deck of the Week comes straight from Atlantic Games’ FNM on Friday night. Each Friday we will host either a Draft or […]

Deck of the Week: Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel ...

  Welcome to our new weekly column where we’ll be showing you all kinds of weird and wonderful decks from the world of Magic: the Gathering, from victorious FNM brews and Draft masterclasses to Pauper powerhouses and well-oiled Vintage machines. Each week, either myself or the deck’s owner will share […]

Deck of the Week: Oh I Just Can’t Wait To ...