The release of Hour of Devastation has a special meaning for all of our customers at Atlantic Games. For the first time ever we are running a Team League that will run until the Ixalan Prereleases. Players signed up to join in the League over the last few weeks with […]

Announcement: Team League Lineups

WOW! Where doe we begin with news like that! It isn’t often that we’ll get a huge host of announcements drop on us all at once like this, so lets dive straight in. Firstly, Ixalan. We already knew that this was happening, but beyond the name we hadn’t heard any […]

Announcement Week: New Sets, New Worlds and More!

Who would have guessed it folks! For the third time in recent memory we’ve had a banning in Standard and itĀ stillĀ isn’t Gideon, Ally of Zendikar. That guy really is indestructible. Instead we’ve had the removal of one of the biggest combo engines (like, actually a literal engine) that Standard has […]

Announcement Week: A Marvelous Banning

In case you missed it, it was announced last Friday that this week is Announcement Week on Today we had our first set of announcements from Mark Rosewater in his column. For those of you who don’t want to read through the entire length of his column, here is […]

Announcement Week- Changes to Future Magic Block Structure.

The title of this article rather gives away a major spoiler of today’s contents so let’s cut right to the quick. As of the prerelease of Hour of Devastation, Atlantic Games will start running the Atlantic Games Team Series Championship at all of our Magic: the Gathering ranked events. Teams […]

Announcing: Atlantic Games Team Series Championship