Announcement: Team League Lineups

The release of Hour of Devastation has a special meaning for all of our customers at Atlantic Games. For the first time ever we are running a Team League that will run until the Ixalan Prereleases. Players signed up to join in the League over the last few weeks with the draw made on the Saturday of the prereleases. We were left with the following teams:

 Each team will earn points at every sanctioned ranked Magic event we run over the next few months, with points earned being based on standings of them and other teams in the event. Only the highest placed player from each team will count towards earning points, with 1 point awarded for the worst placed team, 2 points for the next worst placed team and so on until all teams present have been allocated points. There will also occasionally be Super Events that award double (or even triple) points, the first of which will be our PPTQ this Saturday for triple points. The first events at which points will be on offer are our FNMs on Friday, with Standard kicking off at 1630 and Draft at 1900. All future FNMs will be worth points, with double points on offer at our Gameday events. Keep your eyes peeled for other Super Events though, as these will be popping up from time to time every few weeks.

We are also looking to run a large, one-off invitational over the course of the League, an exclusive event for entrants to the league to battle each other in a Grand Melée. Details and dates of this are still to be decided, but will be discussed with all entrants to ensure maximum turnout.

Teams will also have a chance to win points by challenging opposing teams to a Team Draft. Each Team Draft win will be worth 2 points, but a defeat will lose you Team a point. The two teams will draft as a pod of 6 players, with each team alternating seats. Communicating will be banned during the drafting section of the challenge but is then encouraged once the draft is finished. The teams will then battle it out using their draft decks to play each opponent once until a team has at least 5 match wins.

Don’t forget that the aim of the teams is to encourage all of our players to take part in events, mix with other players, share ideas and information with each other and support each other at our events.

Oh, and to have great fun together!

Good luck everyone!

“Let the Games Begin!”

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